better in pairs

Anyone would say: daaaa Off course, I already knew… and I must say I did too, but just now, I feel it… how much easier it is to live as a couple.  And we don’t have children, and yet it is such an amazing thing just to watch, just how many things you can do when you have someone to help you do, go and yes: be.

After all the ups and downs, the many many good times in all this years, and also the VERY hard ones, I just feel so happy, pleased and amazed on how precise life is designed to be able to share it all with someone you love.

Love you R, you´ve been kind, patient, humble, you´ve tried so hard to be better for me, for us… and you´ve loved me so much, so intensely for so long, that I have to say, makes you just a so much better person than me. You melt my heart just by seeing how you look at me with those amazing pure looking eyes….



About Pitufina

Trato que a pesar de éste tamaño, la vida no me atropelle!, Por eso voy a la deriva en permanente estado de alerta...

One response to “better in pairs”

  1. Ranma says :

    This post melted my heart! So good to be in love…and admirable after so many years!


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