blogging just might change my life…

This is to you, dear Jessie Veeder. And it will be in english so you can read it…

There´s a funny thing…. It´s the middle of the afternoon and somehow I´ve managed to get paid at my job … for blogging…. and reading you blog…. cool ah?

I´m here right now sitting behind a desk in the far south of this crazy seven million people city after a very early in the morning 45 minutes ride from home in the massive transportation system we have and waiting 5:30pm to go out and embrace the same routine to get home, but somehow in the middle of all that, and being WORLDS appart, you´ve managed to give me hope that the perfect life I wish for IS possible!.

I know now that yes, I can some day, have a life where I have a perfect job that makes me cry of joy and fills my heart with gratitud for life and mostly that I can some day -hope not far-, I can get out of bed, look out the window and just be amazed by the greatness of life itself, and of the place I am. And by that place I not only mean the geographical location on the map -hoping to be by the sea-, but also, the place where I am as a person contributing good energy to the world just because I´m filled with it every day.

You life amaze me with every single photo you share as a gift to us… because beyond the amazing landscape, places, decor, pets, and recipes…. that good energy shows and makes them glow…..

Maybe your mission in this world is precisly that. You´ve been given the gift of being in the right place and being smart enough to embrace it and know it, and that´s why it glows.. so you can irradiate many people like me so we all find that right  place and make ultimatly this a better world, just because we´re all glorious of joy.

So, yes, blogging just might have started to change my life, because I look out the window of your life, and I can see that IT IS POSSIBLE to have the DREAM PERFECT LIFE because I know, now someone has it.

So I will be toasting in new year´s eve for you, the cowboy, the pug, the cats, and that amazing place where you live at, so God gives you all so much good energy to keep passing it to us… and maybe, we´ll take a trip to North Dakota! (For some cocktails.. just that!)

Merry Chistmas to all of you at the ranch, from us (The husband, the cats and me) down here in the busy city, and thank you for the laughs, the tears, bust mostly, FOR THE HOPE.

Besos desde Bogotá!



About Pitufina

Trato que a pesar de éste tamaño, la vida no me atropelle!, Por eso voy a la deriva en permanente estado de alerta...

One response to “blogging just might change my life…”

  1. Meanwhile, back at the ranch... says :

    Oh I love this! Thank you for appreciating the beauty in your life as well as mine. And thank you for making Cowboy’s cooking. And thank you for passing it on and living your life in a positive way. I will be toasting you this New Year’s as well, as a reminder that I have friends supporting me WORLDs away. And I do hope you can make it out to the ranch someday and we can toast in one another’s company.

    Well said, well said. (And thanks for writing it in English so I can read it 🙂 )

    Love from the ranch,


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